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Midtown Bay Mix Development Office and Residential Units

One of the reasons why Midtown Bay Bugis had a high bid is because it is a mixed development type property, which combines offices, shops and residential units. Typically in this kind of property, the shops are on the ground and lower floor so that they can be easily accessed, while the offices are above the shops, Finally the residential apartments are on the top most floors since only the people residing will mostly visit. These kind of mixed properties are preferred by many people since they do not have to travel long distances for shopping, the shops will be located on the ground floor of the same building. Hence the people residing in these properties are saving a lot of time and money which they would otherwise spend traveling.

Midtown Bay Mix Development Offices and Residential Units

Experts have noticed that mixed development properties like Midtown Bay Bugis are likely to get a higher resale price compared to standard residential condos. This is because in the long term people in these condos are saving time in shopping or commuting to their workplace. There are also restaurants available for having meals. Investors who wish to sell their unit in this condo can list it for sale online or offline, many foreigners are likely to be interested in investing in the condo because of its location and facilities. Property owners can also rent their condo to people working in the area , to get a regularly monthly income without much additional effort.

Midtown Bay Leasehold Versus Leasehold Properties

Compared to freehold properties the leasehold Midtown Bay in Singapore are more affordable for investors, since the real estate rates are usually lower. Since the government of Singapore has increased the stamp duty rate for second homes from 7 percent to a much higher 12 percent in the last few years, these homes are more suitable for those who do own any kind of property in Singapore. Compared to the core city center area of Singapore, this rate is lower, so investors who want to purchase property in an area with affluent residents can consider purchasing this property. Salaried people may find it expensive because of the change in the loan rules by the government.

Land Size of Midtown Bay by Guocoland

The plot on which Midtown Bay is being planned has an area of approximately 226,249 square feet, and gross floor area of 950,592 square feet. According to information available, two blocks of forty five storeys each are expected to be finalized and approximately 230 residential units are being planned. The project which will begin in the first six months of 2019, will also include some offices who have an unblocked view of the surrounding area. The date at which the project will be completed is not yet finalized.

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Dairy Farm Residences Hillview Road Bukit Timah

Dairy Farm Residences is a new development project situated in the middle of Hillview and Dairy Farm of UED Residential. The plot is a mixed development consisting of 450 housing units along with a child care center, as well as a supermarket and a dining room in the quiet and quiet area of Hillview. Hillview is home to many shopping centers and excellent restaurants like Rail Mall and HillV2. The Hillview area is backed by lush greenery and many nature parks near Dairy Farm Residences, like Bukit Timah reserve and the Bukit Batok reserve. It is good to note Hillview is a favorite of many drivers, with many trails around Hillview Road.

Dairy Farm Residences Hillview Road Upper Bukit Timah

The development of Dairy Farm Residences Hillview Road will create new echoes in the region due to the upcoming stores, as well as existing facilities throughout the area. Dairy Farm Residences is easily accessible through the Bukit Timah Expressway and Upper Bukit Timah Road. A quiet and unique lifestyle awaits you at Dairy Farm Residences.

Dairy Farm Residences Facilities and Gym Near to Hillview MRT Station

Dairy Farm Residences has complete and unique facilities, including solarium, guard, club, indoor gym, events room, 50 m pool, tennis court, playground and barbecue. The apartment facilities offer complete family entertainment for your family and your loved ones. Enjoy a peaceful and quiet lifestyle in the middle of Hillview. Mixed developments, such as the condos, provide services like groceries. No need to move or make excursions to meet daily needs. The residences on Petir Road meets the requirement to develop a trendy combination near Hillview MRT Station station.

Strategic Location Near to Hillion Mall and Rail Mall

Dairy Farm Residences also has a strategic location with many shopping centers in the immediate vicinity. For instance, the famous HillV2 shopping center, Hillion Mall, the Rail Mall, and Bukit Panjang Plaza are close to the residences. On the other hand, Petir Road apartment is situated near the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, where there are many outdoor families available so that residents can have a good time with their families.

Dairy Farm Residences can be reached through the current Hillview subway station. Also, for owners who take buses, there are many buses available along Hillview avenue and Dairy Farm Road. For residents who like going to the city, the Hillview is situated along the highway called Bukit Timah. The residences on Petir Road is also close to elite schools such as Phuket Panjang Primary School, CHIJ and German European School in Singapore.

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Parc Clematis Clementi MRT Station SingHaiYi Properties

After the big successful sale of the property that was formerly known as Park West Enbloc to one of the world largest developers SingHaiYi Properties, the company is set to give it a new appearance. The sell is one of the largest moves in Clementi as it had attracted a price $840.89 million and Park West Enbloc will now change to Parc Clematis. The change will be as a result of the commitment that has been put together by the developers and also following the strategic location of the site of development.

Parc Clematis Clementi MRT Station

Parc Clematis Location is very strategic since it’s found in an already developed vicinity and sits next to Clementi MRT station. There are great amenities located to support the development which includes the transport condition and shopping centres. The development is also located in Jalan Lempeng which is considered a mature city in the region.

Parc Clematis Clementi MRT Station have one of the best and unique lifestyles packaged and is waiting from you. Parc Clematis stands to be iconic and convenient in Singapore creating a difference for all those who look into the real estate cycle. The increasing numbers of developers in Singapore has captured the real estate sector making it impossible to balance between the existing programme of the Government Land Sale and the demand of the developers.

Parc Clematis SingHaiYi Properties

The development under of SingHaiYi Properties has been seen to create a difference as they are done in a modern and an all-inclusive way. Some of the facilities that are found within Parc Clematis that will give you a new experience include children playing ground, swimming pool, indoor gym, clubhouse, function room and a guard house.

Within the vicinity, there sits the facilities that are ideal for all the family needs a better way to handle loved ones and entertain your family members. You will enjoy all that the environment provides including the perfect transport, tranquil lifestyle and Parc Clematis MTR station.

Parc Clematis Near to Major Shopping Centres Clementi Mall

Major shopping centres near to Parc Clematis also sit within the surrounding such as Clementi and Grantral Malls which are strategically located from Parc Clematis. Families who reside within the development can also enjoy outdoor activities from West Coast Park which is also located within the vicinity of Parc Clematis and offers ideal space.

The fact that the development is found next to Ayer Rajah Expressway, it’s very easy to trace and access. You can now access Parc Clematis through Clementi MTR station or Commonwealth Avenue West and Clementi Avenue 6 will be of great convenience to the development when using buses. Education has been enhanced within Parc Clematis since it has major elite schools located within which includes Singapore Polytechnic, Japanese Kindergarten and the National University of Singapore.

Great market predictions have been set for 2019 with the prices set to be steady following the great launches that are likely to come for the new projects. According to Lim the year is likely to see forty major projects launched a move that won’t force the developers to cut prices to enable sales. The price increase may be slow to realign with economic growth position of Singapore in 2019 and is expected at 2 percent as the Singapore economy is set to grow between grow 1.5 to 3.5 percent.

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Mayfair Modern Bukit Timah Oxley Holdings

Mayfair modern is an upscale regional apartment located at the corner of Dunearn road and range roads in an area called Bukit Timah in Singapore. The Mayfair modern is a friendly real estate for families and home for all entertainments, sports events and many retailers too. The estate caters to the right lifestyle of all people one of the best places to visit and stay while in Singapore. It is one of the best buildings established by Oxley Holdings.

Mayfair Modern New Development at Bukit Timah Singapore

The estate features very many shops, luxurious furniture, guest houses, and landscapes around it. There are full-service restaurants near the mall with a rich menu that would please any food lover who goes shopping in the estate. Best restaurants are everything one needs in one convenient shopping centre around the Mayfair modern. The restaurants in the estate offer very pleasing breakfast, best lunch varieties, take away or sit in dinners, and sweets which are fresh from the bakery, not refreshing drinks from coffee for every customer.

Mayfair Modern Attractions by Oxley Holdings

The Mayfair modern has stood out to be one of the most famous estates in Singapore. The nightlife in the estate is excellent as there are music and beer, and wines and spirits sold at the affordable price compared to the rest of the estate. The estate has attracted other businesses on its surrounding such as the ice plant and market stalls in return for bringing development to the community nearby. The developer for Mayfair Modern is Oxley Holdings

There are quite many unique features and promotions with amazing deals in Mayfair new estate. They ensure the clients enjoy exclusive savings and stand a chance to win various gifts some of the other services offered are aftersales services, whereby customers don’t need to be stranded on how they will transport their valuable products to their destinations. The warranty repair service is provided from when the period of warranty begins.

Mayfair Modern Different Bedrooms Available

The estate offers good customer relations whereby there is the interaction between customers and people working there. Customers care services are provided. Anyone can ask any question about the product and any other service you may inquire. The customer cares desk is always on point on a daily basis since the primary objective is to satisfy and meet customer needs.

In conclusion, the Mayfair modern is the favourite destination for you to enjoy the luxurious life. The residents are allowed to chose the size of the units that they are interested in including, one bedroom, two bedrooms, three bedrooms, four bedrooms up to five bedrooms. Don’t be left out more magnificent deals are out in Mayfair modern.

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Bukit 828 Upper Bukit Timah Road Freehold Condo

Bukit 828 is a new residential building in development, owned by the renowned company Roxy Homes. Roxy was established more than 50 years ago and has developed a great number of similar projects since then. Therefore, they’ve earned their credibility, mainly focusing on residential flats. They strive to innovate and improve with each of their projects and are trusted by families and real estate investors alike. They plan to build 32 premium apartments in this structure that will provide a unique and peaceful living experience for their residents.

Bukit 828 Upper Bukit Timah Road Freehold Condo

Bukit 828 Bukit Timah Road is located on the Upper Bukit Timah Road, as a part of the Bukit Panjang area in Singapore. This location is specifically designed as a residential town, thus a perfect place for those who seek a peaceful area that offers everything they need for a comfortable living.

It is close to many facilities including two MRT stations and several large shopping malls. Moreover, the area also houses four schools, such as Bukit Panjang Primary School and Fajar Secondary School. Therefore, it will be a good residential solution for families with children. It is an excellent location that combines both convenient facilities and is serene at the same time.

Bukit 828 Floorplans and Layout

Bukit 828 itself is located on a ten thousand square meters area and is planned to be 6 stories high. Roxy Homes will offer 1,2, and 3 bedroom apartments, all having a beautiful view of the nature reserve nearby. There are several floorplans that will be available for the buyers of the apartments. Therefore, they will be able to see various options and choose the one that suits their needs best.

The site area offers a wide range of facilities for the future residents. Those who have an active lifestyle will be able to enjoy the tennis court or a golf clubhouse. Additionally, they can swim or relax in the swimming pool, while their children can play in the onsite playground. Bukit 828 will also offer entertainment and convenient stores, so the families will have everything they need on the spot.

Bukit 828 Freehold Condo Register Interest

If you want to get more details about the apartment you can contact Roxy Homes directly or register your interest. If you do so, you can expect a discounted price on the apartment and many other benefits. They will send you apartment layouts and you will be able to pick your apartment before its price jumps or other people discover the building as well. Moreover, you can reach them with any specific inquiries and concerns, and they will happily answer all your questions in a timely manner.

All in all, we believe Bukit 828 is a perfect residential building for all people who are looking for a versatile apartment in Singapore. Its location, amenities and nearby facilities make it a superior living place, especially for new families.

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Qingjian Realty Jade Scape Amenities and Facilities

Qingjian Reality, a subsidiary of Qingjian Group Co. Ltd has been in the real estate industry for a good number of years. They have been awarded more than 300 awards and honors for quality and real estate management. Jade Scape is a private condominium acquired by Quinjian Reality and it is located at Shunfu Road. Jade Scape was formerly known as Shunfu Ville and was put up for sale for the price of $688 million. Qingjian Reality purchased the condo for the price of $638 million.

Qingjian Realty Jade Scape Amenities and Facilities

With over 1,100 units, Jadescape Qingjian Realty is a huge plot of land with enough space for different amenities and facilities. Most homes have tennis courts for the residents to train or just have fun in the comfort of their homes. There is also a standard size swimming pool for those who enjoy swimming, and for the fitness conscious residents, Jade Scape has an indoor gym and several outdoor fitness stations for the residents daily exercise routine. Jade Scape will also have places for a picnic, relaxations, and barbecue for the whole family.

Jadescape Prime Location in Bishan and Thomson Area

Jade Scape is located at a prime location in Bishan-Thomson and is close to several popular spots in the Bishan Thomson area. Some of these locations include:
Junction 8 Shopping Center: This shopping center is popular with a lot of retail shops and entertainment venues. The Golden Village Cinema is located at Junction 8 Shopping Center. Raffles Institute: Raffles Institute is a well-known and prestigious school in Bishan. The school has received the Excellence Award from the Ministry of Education.

Jadescape Near to Shopping Centres such as Bishan and Thomson Plaza

Thompson Plaza: Thompson Plaza is a neighborhood plaza that caters to residents of both Marymount as well as Thompson. Some recognizable establishments in Thompson plaza are Fairprice Finest and Challenger store Marymount Station: One of the advantages of Jade Scape is that while being on the outskirt of many business areas, it is not too far from the central district. Jade Scape is close to the Marymount station and not too far from the MRT Station.

Jadescape Condo is strategically located at Bishan. There are one, two and three bedroom flats for different family sizes. The condo will also have supermarkets and food stations to ensure residents never lack food or have to go far to the market. There are also children’s playgrounds. These playgrounds have the amenities of every playground but enclosed in a safe and secure environment. This guarantees peace of mind for the parents while they are at work or busy. Jade Scape condo guarantees a luxurious lifestyle for the family in a serene and beautiful location.

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Low Keng Huat Uptown @ Farrer New Condo at Perumal Road

Uptown at Farrer is new development projects that are located next to Farrer Park MRT Station thus making it quickly accessible due to Farrer Park MRT Station that is located right at your doorstep. The property was offered for willing buyers. The place is pleasant due to where it is located. It’s strategically located next to many shopping centers. Here, you will access various prestigious educational colleges and elite schools also. It is mostly preferred for residential and commercial development due to the accessibility of Dhoby Ghaut and Vivocity.

Low Keng Huat Limited Uptown @ Farrer Condo

The place was successfully purchased by Low Keng Huat Limited construction company. This was after the construction company successfully got a bid value of S$174.08 million at a high price and its due to its popularity that contributed to increasing the price and Perumal Road.

If you want an area with unique and excellent facilities and services, then Uptown at Farrer has a lot to offer. The place is suitable since you will get various shopping centers that you will like. You will, therefore, have a variety of choices to make in what you need to buy. Apart from the above ones, there are other things such as restaurants and Medical Facilities.

The Uptown at Farrer Shopping Centres

Since this condo facility is located next to Farrer Park MRT Station and located at Perumal Road, you will conveniently find a lot of Shopping Centers such as; 1. City Square Mall,2. Mustafa Centre and 3. Centrium Square.

Uptown at Farrer Educational institutions

Uptown at Farrer has a lot of prestigious schools surrounding Uptown Farrer New Development. Here, you will be able to get some of the most famous elite educational schools such as; 1. The Saint Joseph Institution, 2. Bendemeer Primary School, 3. Bendemeer Secondary School, 4. Farrer Park Primary School. Here you will be assured that your kids will get a quality education for your kids.

Uptown at Farrer Facilities

The place is has a lot of modern facilities meant for your entertainment. It provides facilities such as;1. children’s playground, 2. gym, 3. security house, 4. clubhouse, 5. a swimming pool, 6. function room, 7. BBQ pits and lots more. The condo’s facilities will offer full entertainment needs for your family.


Uptown at Farrer is a perfect place to live and it is an excellent choice for your family needs who just want a comfortable place to live. This condo is situated in the luxury society where you will enjoy modern amenities in the comfortable and luxurious condos.

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The Botanik Residences 1 Jalan Remaja Tuan Sing Holdings

Among the few freehold lands released under the Government Land Sales program is the location of the Botanik Residence. Located in Hillview area of Jalan Remaja this will be a private residential property developed by Tuan Sing Holdings. The 4,046 square meter plot is likely to have 108 housing units constructed on it.

The Botanik Residences 1 Jalan Remaja Road

What makes the location of the Botanik Residence ideal for home owners? First is the fact that the land is available on freehold which means the ownership will not expire in 99 years as is the case with 99-year old leaseholds. The residence is located near amenities like the Rail Mall which has many food outlets. You will also find the railway train that connects to Malaysia and Woodlands for easy transport. The mall is the perfect place to relax with friends and family. There are many of parking spaces available! Located just a short distance from the Botanik is the HillV2 where residents can do all their grocery shopping as well as relax and have a bite or drink in the cafes and bars in the mall. Other shopping areas near this residence are the Sol Mart and Cold Storage that are located at the West Mall that is a few minutes’ walk away.

The Botanik Residence Jalan Remaja

Within the Botanik Residence, there will be many facilities that make the place feel like home. These include a gym, tennis court, function room, clubhouse, guard house, sun deck, swimming pool and children playground. With these and other facilities, this residence offers lots of fun for all family members. As for the school-going family members, there are many prestigious schools near this development. These include the Yusof Ishak Secondary School, Assumption English School and the Lianhua Primary School.

Botanik Residences New Development Tuan Sing Holdings

Accessing the Botanik Residence from other areas is easy with both rail and road connections. Accessing the Central Business District and the Jurong Area is very easy via the Hillway Avenue and Upper Bukit Timah Road. You can drive yourself or use the public transport means available along both roads. The Hillview MRT station provides alternative transports means.

No matter how large the house you want is, you will probably find a unit that suits you at Botanik Residence. There are 3, 4 and 5 bedroom houses. You can choose a unit facing the Hillview Avenue or the 1 Jalan Remaja depending on what you prefer. For unblocked views, book a unit located on the 6th floor or higher. Either way you can be assured of quality work on the construction of the house units and great finishes inside each house.

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Jui Residences 1177 Serangoon Road Selangor Dredging Berhad

Purchasing a home is a goal for many individuals. Making the decision, however, takes time. At times you don’t know where to go or what exactly you want. Having the slightest idea does help but some investments can never be rushed. A self-sustaining environment is always appropriate. By this, I mean having amenities being accessible and the neighbourhood being secure. Real estate companies seek to deliver the best homes at all times. The competition is rife in the industry but the best always wins. Jui Residences without a doubt are an ideal investment.

Jui Residences 1177 Serangoon Road Freehold Condo

Jui Residences offer approximately 117 units to choose from. Located in Upper Serangoon, this development offers therapeutic views of the Sungei Kallang River. These units are prime and premium. This adds on to the amazing amenities that Jui Residences offer you.

Accessibility and transportation are important. Jui Residences Freehold Condo is located at a former industrial site, accessibility is easy. The developer company, Selangor Dredging Berhad, therefore, can focus on delivering top-notch structures. The development is accessible through Serangoon Road. Serangoon Road is among Singapore’s major roads. Accessibility is guaranteed to Jui Residences and to other parts of the city. The residences also offer convenience for car owners. Accessing other areas such Changi Airport and Woodlands is seamless. The development is tucked away from the hassle and activities of the city. This provides serenity for you.

Jui Residences Selangor Dredging Berhad SDB

Education is key for any individual. Jui Residences are located close to academic institutions. Your children hence get to learn close to home. Academic facilities close by offer primary, secondary and pre-university classes. This is particularly for St. Andrew’s Junior College in Potong Pasir. There is also a girls’ secondary – Cedar Girls. The latter is particularly known for its rich history and delivery of all-around outstanding ladies into the society. For the international students, they can enrol at the Stanford American International School.

Other than a home, Jui Residences allow you to explore an array of shop outlets. Along Moonstone Lane and Ruby lane are commercial shops coupled up with eateries. Eating out is hence easy for the residents and convenient. Shopping is convenient courtesy of the Venue Shoppes shopping center. 28 retail outlets that are a walking distance from Jui Residences. The shopping center offers city panoramic views and the walkway is shaded. This gives comfort to residents as they walk to and from Jui Residences. Children have a playground, there is a swimming pool, guard house, a function room, an indoor gym, clubhouse and indoor gym. All these facilities accessible to the residents at their convenience.

Jui Residences Freehold Condo Heritage Building

The heritage of a place ought to be preserved. The National Aerated Water Company situation around the development was gazetted and is part of Singapore’s National Heritage. Jui Residences hence offer the ambiance of posh city living and a history lesson at the same time. The convenience of access to amenities and the view of the national heritage giving a clear view of history as it has unfolded.

Real estate investments in Singapore are highly sought after. Seek to book an appointment for pre-viewing of the development. In case of challenges, you can email or

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Riverfront Residences Hougang Avenue 7 Rio Casa Enbloc

Riverfront Residences is a new addition to the sensational and upcoming residential units in Singapore that is set to substantially increase housing units and make it sustainable. The project is a 99-year leasehold that is expected uplift the housing units to meet the growing population and also to make them modern and meet the demands of the changing technology and needs. Formerly Rio Casa, Riverfront Residences has been tactically developed after undergoing a successful enbloc to come up with luxurious residential units. Riverfront Residences Oxley Lian Beng is being developed by Oxy-Lian Beng Ventures Pte Limited which has enhanced experience in residential units and which will see Riverfront residences and as the most developed and designed residential development.

Riverfront Residences Rio Casa Hougang Avenue 7 Singapore

Riverfront Residences Condo boasts of affluent technology where it is designed with high-end features that will give residents the comfort of living in luxurious and lavish housing units. The development is designed to incorporate commercial estates and residential estates to give the tenants the benefit of enjoying shopping experience within their residence. Once completed, the development is expected to offer unmatched residential units with a number of amenities that will ensure tenants are comfortable and contented.

Riverfront Residences Freehold Condo Hougang MRT Condo Former Enbloc

Riverfront Residences former Rio Casa has its location one of the strategic locations which gives complete access to the entire Singapore and other towns. It is located next to Sungei Serangoon at District 19 in Hougang Avenue 7 and is in close proximity to a number of amenities including Hougang MRT Station and Bus interchange. For the shopping sensations, Riverfront is the place to be because it is located next to shopping malls like The Midtown mall, Hougang mall, and Kang Kar Mall. This will offer residents a chance to shop at any time of the day without traveling far.

Riverfront Residences Near to Academic Schools and Academic Institutions

Parent with school-going children are a happy lot because the area is equipped with highly-performing learning institutions near to Riverfront Residences Condo. Among the l earning institutions include Holy Innocent’s High School, Our Lady of the Nativity, Montfort Secondary School, Montfort Junior School, and Serangoon Junior College. The area is equipped with high rated learning institutions that features girl’s schools that provide students with enhanced intellectual skills and uses modern learning techniques to equip students with the knowledge to help them compete with the outside world.Every resident at Riverfront condo gets a unique chance of enjoying an exclusive and tranquil environment all thanks to a number of luxurious amenities at Hougang Avenue 7.

These amenities at Riverfront Residences Hougang ave 7include an indoor gym equipped with all facilities and equipment, a tennis court, a swimming pool, and children’s playground. Tenants will get a unique chance to unwind their day in style or spend their free time by going swimming, playing tennis or even exercising at the gym. There is also a golf course, a guard house, function rooms and many more which are specially designed to enhance fun and peace of mind to kids and adults and ensure they enjoy their stay at the condo. The condo is designed with varied floor plans to give tenants the benefits of choosing a unit that best suits them. It consists of 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom units for tenants to choose from. Get a unit today for a truly luxurious and serene living environment.