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Jui Residences 1177 Serangoon Road Selangor Dredging Berhad

Purchasing a home is a goal for many individuals. Making the decision, however, takes time. At times you don’t know where to go or what exactly you want. Having the slightest idea does help but some investments can never be rushed. A self-sustaining environment is always appropriate. By this, I mean having amenities being accessible and the neighbourhood being secure. Real estate companies seek to deliver the best homes at all times. The competition is rife in the industry but the best always wins. Jui Residences without a doubt are an ideal investment.

Jui Residences 1177 Serangoon Road Freehold Condo

Jui Residences offer approximately 117 units to choose from. Located in Upper Serangoon, this development offers therapeutic views of the Sungei Kallang River. These units are prime and premium. This adds on to the amazing amenities that Jui Residences offer you.

Accessibility and transportation are important. Jui Residences Freehold Condo is located at a former industrial site, accessibility is easy. The developer company, Selangor Dredging Berhad, therefore, can focus on delivering top-notch structures. The development is accessible through Serangoon Road. Serangoon Road is among Singapore’s major roads. Accessibility is guaranteed to Jui Residences and to other parts of the city. The residences also offer convenience for car owners. Accessing other areas such Changi Airport and Woodlands is seamless. The development is tucked away from the hassle and activities of the city. This provides serenity for you.

Jui Residences Selangor Dredging Berhad SDB

Education is key for any individual. Jui Residences are located close to academic institutions. Your children hence get to learn close to home. Academic facilities close by offer primary, secondary and pre-university classes. This is particularly for St. Andrew’s Junior College in Potong Pasir. There is also a girls’ secondary – Cedar Girls. The latter is particularly known for its rich history and delivery of all-around outstanding ladies into the society. For the international students, they can enrol at the Stanford American International School.

Other than a home, Jui Residences allow you to explore an array of shop outlets. Along Moonstone Lane and Ruby lane are commercial shops coupled up with eateries. Eating out is hence easy for the residents and convenient. Shopping is convenient courtesy of the Venue Shoppes shopping center. 28 retail outlets that are a walking distance from Jui Residences. The shopping center offers city panoramic views and the walkway is shaded. This gives comfort to residents as they walk to and from Jui Residences. Children have a playground, there is a swimming pool, guard house, a function room, an indoor gym, clubhouse and indoor gym. All these facilities accessible to the residents at their convenience.

Jui Residences Freehold Condo Heritage Building

The heritage of a place ought to be preserved. The National Aerated Water Company situation around the development was gazetted and is part of Singapore’s National Heritage. Jui Residences hence offer the ambiance of posh city living and a history lesson at the same time. The convenience of access to amenities and the view of the national heritage giving a clear view of history as it has unfolded.

Real estate investments in Singapore are highly sought after. Seek to book an appointment for pre-viewing of the development. In case of challenges, you can email or