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The Tapestry Condo Site Plan and Floor Plans

The Tapestry Condo is just a private development which has been in existence for ninety nine yearsunder the CDL. A total of nine bidders had shown interest for this land which is situated in the Tampines Avenue with the highest bid being made by the CDL. Analysts have demonstrated that although the land isn’t close to any MRT station, The Tapestry Tampines is still competitive since the sales were robust. This site is known to be the final piece of land near the Bedok Reservoir a place where water sporting activities are anticipated to be available. CDL is making arrangements of constructing an approximate of eight hundred units for that land situated close to Temasek Polytechnic as well as the Bedok Reservoir.

Learning institutions near the Tapestry Condo

This is the third one in Singapore where it offers various courses as well as the graduate diplomas to the students. This polytechnic offers strictly the industry-oriented courses meant for the people who are already working and even wider courses for the students who are aspiring to register for a degree programme. The polytechnic gives a range of full time & part time courses for aspiring individuals.

The Tapestry Condo located on the Tampines Avenue 10

The Tapestry Tampines is situated at the Tampines Avenue 10 that is a main road starting from the Bartley Road to the Tampines Expressway. The Tampines Ave. 10 runs across the four pieces of residential land as well as the Bedok Reservoir. Transiting to Changi Airport therefore using Tampines Expressway is just convenient. The Tampines Avenue similarly runs across Singapore’s main stores like Giant Megastore and the Courts Megastore situated near the Tampines Expressway. The stores are situated just five minutes away.

The Tapestry Condo at City Developments Limited CDL

This is a location where several water sports including canoeing, wake boarding, kayaking as well as sailing are situated. These water sports do not compromise the quality of the water at the Bedok Reservoir. The Bedok Reservoir is similarly situated near the Bedok Reservoir Park a place which has children’s playing area, a jogging station and a fitness station meant to promote an active and healthy way of life to the residents. These amenities are only a short walking distance away from the Tapestry City Developments Limited as well as the Tampines Avenue 10.

This is the original integrated community as well as a lifestyle hub which aims at bringing together neighbours from various backgrounds. There is a detailed range of programmes as well as facilities started for different age groups. The Tampines Hub has a variety of outlets for food and there are similarly several activities that are family friendly that one can indulge in amid the weekends. The grand opening of this hub was 6th August 2017 that made it the newest facilities situated in the Tampines Hub.

Several retail facilities near to Tampines Tapestry are located at this Hub where it is anticipated to have club programmes as well as hawker centers. The hub is similarly going to feature several social amenities meant to promote the Tampines Town to be as vibrant as possible as well as a good neighbourhood where people can gather. This is going to be a center for the residents who live around Simei as well as the Tampines area. Sport activities at the hub are going to include the 4 tennis as well as the 1 tennis courts. A unique way of life is waiting for you at the Tapestry Condo.