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Treasure Crest EC Site and Floor Plan Review Sim Lian

Treasure Crest EC is a leasehold by Sengkang EC development that is located at Anchorvale crescent in District 19. There are only three EC’s around in the area, the Bellewaters EC by Qingjian Reality, the Vales EC by SingHaiyi. Therefore the Treasure Crest EC will be the third in this field and will be in a high position to avail more options for Executive Condo buyers who will be scouting around for a Sengkang or Anchorvale EC. This development will be housing around 525 units but it is not yet confirmed as it awaits confirmation from the local authorities.

Treasure Crest Launch Date

This latest launch at Treasure Crest EC Sim Lian implies that various developers are aware about the existence of a steady supply of empty units located in the Northeast area. Treasure Crest EC prices are not yet released. It should be noted that there still exists many unoccupied units in the Terrace EC, Vales EC and Bellewaters EC all of which are located in the Sengkang and Punggol region that still have got many empty units that are yet to be sold out. Real estate analysts have noted that the older ECs may gain more popularity as there will be no requirement for the potential buyers to pay the levy for resale. Considering this rule, potential buyers of Sim Lian Anchorvale Crest EC that are second timers will be required to pay for the resale levy as they acquire a unit in the Cheng Lim Treasure Crest EC located near the Kopitiam square.

Treasure Crest EC Review and Forum

This resale taxes ranges from around 30,000$ to 50,000$ basing on the dimensions of the subsidized housing that they will have acquired previously. Potential customers of Treasure Crest EC will be waiting for a possible date of completion in mid-2019 basing upon the date of bidding for the plot. The detailed plans for the development are still underway and it is calculated that the development will be almost 16 storeys high and housing not more than 10 blocks meant for the development. Any potential owner ought to be exhilarated by the development’s location as it will be situated next to Cheng Lim LRT station which connects without circumlocution to the Sengkang Kopitiam square and the Sengkang MRT station. Sengkang is an area with much developmental potential due to the presence of land for the development and there exists one MRT stop that is due to be opened later in the year.

Treasure Crest Floor and Site Plan Sim Lian

It will also be closer to primary schools such as the Springdale primary school. The potential owners of Treasure Crest told forums that they will also be party to at a full 50M pool for cooling off at the Treasure Crest development after a long day. Plans are underway for the inclusion of an indoor gym and an outside venue for the occupants to make cool their heads off. Transport wise Treasure Crest EC owners have nothing to worry about due to the existence of various forms of transportation to the workplace and from the workplace. At close proximity is the Sengkang recreation centre that includes retail and commercial outlets for the resident’s use. The property is also located next to performing schools like the Nan Chiau high school for quality kids’ education.

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